Due to Covid we are having a hard time getting supplies from our manufactures. Some of our Arraymold kits may be out of stock temporarily. We apologixe for the inconvenience

Arraymold Kits

~ 30% off for 2021 ~

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Arraymold Kit A: 2mm

$999.00 $699.00

Arraymold Kit A (2mm 60 core)

Item: # 20015A

Arraymold Kit B: 2mm

$699.00 $489.00

Arraymold Kit B (2mm 36 core)

Item: # 20015B

Arraymold Kit C: 1.5mm

$999.00 $699.00

Arraymold Kit C (1.5mm 150 core)

Item: # 20015C

Arraymold Kit D: 1.5mm

$699.00 $489.00

Arraymold Kit D (1.5mm 72 core)

Item: # 20015D

Arraymold Kit E: 3mm

$999.00 $699.00

Arraymold Kit E (3mm 35 core)

Item: # 20015E

Arraymold Kit F: 3.5mm

$999.00 $699.00

Arraymold Kit F (3.5mm 24 core)

Item: # 20015F

Arraymold Kit G: 4mm

$999.00 $699.00

Arraymold Kit G (4mm 15 core)

Item: # 20015G

Arraymold Kit H: 1mm

$699.00 $489.00

Arraymold Kit H (1mm 100 core)

Item: # 20015H

Arraymold Kit i: 2mm

Control TMA $ 300.00

Arraymold Kit i (2mm 12 core) Item: # 20015i

Free when purchasing a regular Arraymold Kit.

(One Per Order)

~Free Shipping on all orders~


- 1 Arraymold, 2 Stylets, 10 dermal needles, (OPTIONAL: 1 Aluminum plate), All instructional videos on website.

Please request the Aluminum Plate if you are considering doing Frozen TMAs (No Extra Charge)


- 1 Control Arraymold (2mm 12 Core), 1 Stylet, 2 dermal Needles. QnA, All instructional material on website.

(No substitutions or other offers will be excepted once the Control Arraymold Kits are gone.)

For distributor information please visit our contact page.