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We now offer an In-Lab training sessions with our expert TMA technician, Thom Jensen. 1, 2 and 4 day TMA training options hosted at your laboratory.

Training includes detailed instructions on how to make clean, beautiful TMAs, troubleshooting issues, best practice methods and techniques. Tailored to your lab equipment and technicians.

Thom Jensen HT (ASCP) Instructor

Clinical / Research Histologist / Tissue Microarray Technician


20+ years of histology and Tissue Microarray experience.

Several publications and poster presentations on Tissue Microarray construction.

Thom has presented his work on TMA construction at both the NSH conference in North Carolina at state level in Utah.

Thom produced all the TMA instructional videos for this website.

If you would like to know more about our one on one training, please contact us for more information.

Thom resides in Utah


Tissue Microarray Training Agenda: (1, 2 or 3 Day Training Secessions)

*Introduction to TMAs using the Arraymold

*TMA basic Information

*Prepping samples for punching

*Setting punches

*Advanced techniques

*Using small samples (needle cores or or thin tissues) for TMAs

*Sectioning TMAs

*Best practice techniques

(Before Thom's visit, he would like to chat on the phone to understand your experience and TMA needs before he visits your laboratory.)

Thom Jensen HT (ASCP) ~ Publications and Poster Presentations ~



~ The Tissue Microarray - A Technical Guid for Histologist

(The Journal of Histotechnology, VOL 24 NO 4 Dec. 2001)

~ Tissue Microarray: Advanced Techniques

(The Journal of Histotechnology, VOL. 26 NO 2 June 2003)

~ Tissue microarray advanced techniques for sampling donor blocks with limited tissues – Introduction to ‘The Radical-TMA’

(Journal of Histotechnology VOL. 37 NO. 1 2014)



Poster Presentation USCAP Conference.

~ Tissue Microarray Advanced Techniques for Sampling Donor Blocks with Limited Tissue: "The Radical Tissue Microarray" (2015)

~ A Novel, Rapid, and Low Cost Method for Preparing Tissues with Metallic Stents for Routine Histology (2017)

Email: / Phone: 801-599-5813