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Let Arraymold construct your next TMA paraffin block. We have over 20 years of experience constructing TMAs. For over 8 years we have provided free videos that explain the techniques and processes we have personally developed for TMA construction.

We provide the expertise, you provide the samples. We do not need any tissue blocks, just a single punch from each paraffin block with a tissue depth of at least .25 cm to .3 cm placed in a Microtube (or leave the tissue core in the needle) with an ID number so we can create a map to show you where the punches are located in your new TMA paraffin block.

Choose from our list of Arraymold Kits, the TMA size, and the amount of cores that will fit your protocol. We can make a TMA paraffin block from any one of our Arraymold kits: 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, or 4mm size punch needle.

Because all tissues are different depths/thickness we ask that you choose samples that are at least .25 cm to .3 cm deep. We can create a TMA block from shallower samples, but you may only get a few slides from that TMA block that have all the cores intact. The thinner the cores are, the more quickly they will disappear from your TMA block creating blank spots on your TMA slides.

Step #1

Step # 1.

First mark an H&E slide and then punch the same area in the associated paraffin block using a Miltex Biopsy Punch needle.

Remember to first choose the size needle and TMA you would like to use.

(No mixing needle sizes please.)


Step #2

Step # 2. (2 Options)

1. Extract the tissue core from the Miltex Biopsy Punch needle and insert the punch core into a Microtube. Label the Microtube with your identification number.

Or you can...

2. Just send the Miltex Biopsy Punch needle with the tissue sample inside. Label the needle with your identification number.

No other brand needles will work.


(We only use Miltex Biopsy Punch needles)

Step # 3.

Mail your labled Microtubes or Miltex Biopsy Punch needles to Arraymold and we will construct your TMA paraffin block.

Step #3


Arraymold does the rest...


Arraymold will construct a custom TMA block with your samples. The TMA paraffin block will be prepped and ready for cutting.

Arraymold can construct TMAs from all types of tissues.

Tiny samples or needle core biopsies will require special instructions. Please contact Arraymold for details and pricing.

Pricing details:

We charge $ 15 per punch. This includes constructing a TMA map, creating a blank paraffin recipient TMA block from our line of Arraymold Kits, punch insertion and setting punches in the TMA block.


We charge $10.00 per slide if you would like us to cut your TMA block; please provide the slides and we will section your TMA block.

We cannot guarantee any specific amout of slides created from a TMA block because tissue in paraffin blocks are different thicknesses. But if we section the TMA block we have been able to get a least 50 to 100 slides from a single TMA block that we construct.


Shipping costs not included. Requires overnight shipping paid by your facility.

Email: / Phone: 801-599-5813

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