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New 1.5mm 150 core Arraymold

Customer Comments:

"We have been very pleased with the products and services from Thom Jensen at Arraymold. We purchased two different sized molds, and have recently made nearly 20 TMAs using the 60-core mold, from archival prostate tissues. We have found the Arraymold systems easy to use, reliable, relatively inexpensive, and faster and easier than using the old, original Beecher instrument that we have in the lab. The UTube step-by-step videos that Thom links to on his website were invaluable, easy to follow, and sufficiently detailed to be very helpful. Thom is also an excellent resource, easy to talk to about techniques and details, and very friendly and honest. We made a few practice molds/TMAs and tweaked the protocol a bit to fit our equipment and tissue blocks (we use Paraffin R and we use an incubator instead of the oven that Thom uses)."

We switched to a new IHC platform and we were required to validate 175 antibodies. Each validation process requires 20 or more individual tissue slides. That means 4,375 slides would be needed for validation. We decided to use Tissue Microarrays instead of the traditional method of staining individual slides. We used the 3mm and the 3.5mm Arraymold Kits for our TMA construction. Our cost for antibodies, IHC supplies, tech time and materials cost $4,325.75 and our overall cost saving will be approximately, $104,478.50 using Tissue Microarrays for optimization instead of the individual slide method.

Here is our break down:

Arraymold TMAs with 175 slides x $24.87 per slide (Includes andibodies, suppiles, etc) = $4,325.75


4,375 tissue slides x $24.87 per slide (IIncludes andibodies, suppiles, etc) = $108,806.25

Arraymold cost saving: $104,478.50

Thank you Arraymold.



Janet Hansen, MSA

EM Lab / Immuno Histochemistry Supervisor

Email: / Phone: 801-599-5813

Arraymold now creates custom TMAs