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Arraymold Kit Contents

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The new 2mm 36 core and 60 core Arraymold

"Cutting a Tissue Microarray Block"

A step by step video on preparing and cutting a TMA block.

Some PARAFFINS work better then others for cutting a TMA.

Here are some comments regarding paraffins recommended by Histologist and TMA Technicians.

Paraplast X-TRA & Formula 'R' paraffin from Leica. "Sticky for better punch setting and cuts nicely."

Blue Ribbon from Surgipath. "Handles the post arraying steps better and I like the contrast color while punching. It cuts nicely too."

Richard-Allen paraffins are one of the hardest to cut in a TMA

"The Paraffin TMA"

Construct a TMA using The Arraymold

2mm (60 Core) Arraymold TMA

"The Radical TMA" (R-TMA)

This Advanced Tissue Microarray instructional video was developed to remedy the problems associated with scant, shallow or otherwise mostly depleted tissues. Using the methods in this video will allow you to cut 100+ slides from a single TMA block.

Also we introduct how to add location markers to your Arraymold Paraffin block.

Poster Presentation at the 2013 USCAP Meeting in Maryland, USA


The "Radical TMA " (R-TMA)

(3.5mm Arraymold, location marker added)

"Sweet Tips Video"

This video was created to help with some trouble shooting associated with punching a TMA block.

"The Cryo-Tissue Microarray"

This instructional video will step you through the process of constructing a Frozen Tissue Microarray.

A Cryo-Array constructed from the 2mm Arraymold

"Metallic Stent Processing"

This video will explain how to remove the metallic stent from an artery to process it for H&E staining.

Poster presentation at the 2016 USCAP Conference.

Email: / Phone: 801-599-5813

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"TMA Needle Comparison Videos"

In this video we explain why Arraymold doesn't use the plunger needle for TMA construction.