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Arraymold is a simple and easy way to construct Tissue Microarrays (TMAs). We have several different size TMA instruments to pick from. Please browse our product line to find the rights TMA instrument to fit you research and optimizing needs. The Arraymold TMA kits are used in laboratories all over the world. We have the only library of instructional videos in the world for beginning to advanced technicians.


Paraffin Tissue Microarrays (TMAs) are becoming more common in the laboratory; optimizing antibodies, validating laboratory instruments, and control tissues are fast becoming the pathology standard. Labs throughout the world have found The Arraymold to be an easy, accessible alternative to the traditional approach.

TMA instruments currently on the market are expensive, tedious and often times produce less than satisfactory results; The Arraymold is specifically designed to be simple, easy and inexpensive. We are confident that you will find The Arraymold to meet and surpass your laboratory's optimizing and validating needs.

Please watch our short instructional videos to better understand the advantage of The Arraymold in Tissue Microarray construction.

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New TMA Construction Tips:

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Our newest video is on Advanced TMA Construction (The Radical TMA). This video explains how you can utilize less tissue and produce more slides.

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Best paraffins for TMA construction:

Paraplast X-TRA


Beneficial ways of using the Arraymold.


Allows a pathologist or researcher / scientist to view many different samples at once instead of hundreds of slides.




Helpful in finding IHC markers for controls or quality assurance using hundreds of tissues samples on a few slides instead of hundreds of slides.




Effective in staining markers because everything is done on one slide.




Validating new staining instruments and tissue processors for consistency and accuracy in conjunction with antibodies and other staining methods to help keep cost down significantly.




Using the Arraymold only once can pay for its self:

a. Instead of 60 to 150 slides with expensive antibodies, now you use a single slide.

b. Also add up the amount of hours it takes to cut and stain hundreds of slide individually.



"The Tissue Microarray instruments will become as common in the laboratory as the microtome."

(Journal of Histotechnology / June 2000)

How cost effective is the Arraymold for Optimizing / Validating Instruments and Antibodies?

One of our customers wrote:


We switched to a new IHC platform and we were required to validate 175 antibodies. Each validation process requires 20 or more individual tissue slides. That means 4,375 slides would be needed for validation. We decided to use Tissue Microarrays instead of the traditional method of staining individual slides. We used the 3mm and the 3.5mm Arraymold Kits for our TMA construction. Our cost for antibodies, IHC supplies, tech time and materials cost $4,325.75 and our overall cost saving will be approximately, $104,478.50 using Tissue Microarrays for optimization instead of the individual slide method.

Here is our break down:

Arraymold TMAs with 175 slides x $24.87 per slide (Includes andibodies, suppiles, etc) = $4,325.75


4,375 tissue slides x $24.87 per slide (IIncludes andibodies, suppiles, etc) = $108,806.25

Arraymold cost saving: $104,478.50


Thank you Arraymold.


Janet Hansen, MSA

EM Lab / Immuno Histochemistry Supervisor

Email: / Phone: 801-599-5813

New and improved  Arraymolds!